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Joker 6-23 ST Combi-Oven

Compact Combination Cooking

Are you ready for the revolution? The Eloma Joker is the first fully configurable compact class of combination oven. More flexible than ever. More space efficient than all. More stylish than any other. And as individual as you.

Bake, roast, steam, combi-cook, regen, prove, slow cook and much more more!

The Joker 6-23 ST combi-oven is perfect for small restaurants, bistros, cafes, pastry shops, satellite kitchen and many other applications.

Joker 6-23 ovens have a cooking chamber with the dimensions 440 (w) x 440 (d) x 400 (h) mm. The distance between trays is 67mm and can accommodate 5+1 standard GN2/3 trays (325 x 354 mm).

Oven options include:

Control panel positions – Left, Top, or Right

Control interface: ST module – Focussing on manual cooking and baking. You make clear announcements and are a passionate craftsman, that‘s what the operating concept of the ST control is all about: getting it done!

External dimensions (W / D / H mm) – control Left: 650 / 625 / 560, control on Top: 520 / 625 / 693, control Right: 650 / 625 / 560

Cooking module – convection heat only, steam injection for baking, or fresh steam system for complete combi-cooking and steaming

Water connections  – steam injection and fresh steam versions of the Joker require a filtered water supply and a suitable waste water connection.

Cleaning – Manual cleaning or Autoclean® Pro with solid cleaners, or Fully automatic Autoclean® Pro with liquid cleaners.

Power – Single phase 230v/50hz/1ph, 3,6 kW, 1x 16amp, or three phase 400v/50hz/3ph, 5,9 kW, 3x 10amp

Additional accessories:

Support stands and legs – Joker ovens can be mounted flush on a counter, fitted with adjustable legs or bolted to a stand. Eloma stands come in a selection of different heights to ensure the perfect fit for every location.

Condensation hood – Joker ovens can be fitted with a condensation steam hood to trap any steam and vapour created during the cooking process.

Specialist cooking trays – Eloma supply a range of cookware designed to maximise the capabilities of the Joker ovens. Options include granite enameled GN pans, non-stick perforated baking trays, aluminium ‘hot spot’ trays for grilling and baking pizzas, and more.

Eloma trays and accessories are available to buy online, go to to see the full range.

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Joker 6-23 ST Combi-Oven
Joker 6-23 ST Combi-OvenJoker 6-23 ST Combi-OvenJoker 6-23 ST Combi-OvenJoker 6-23 ST Combi-OvenJoker 6-23 ST Combi-OvenJoker 6-23 ST Combi-OvenJoker 6-23 ST Combi-Oven
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