Add a Tasty Revenue Stream to Your Business

The Idea

As a busy café, shop or takeaway owner you’re always looking for ways to manage costs and improve profits. What if I told you that adding a soft serve machine could be exactly the solution that you’re looking for?

These flexible machines can allow you to serve delicious soft serve ice-cream, thick American style shakes, frozen yogurts, granitas, slush, frozen cocktails and mocktails.

With a range of sizes and capacities to suit we can help you pick the ideal machine for your business.

The Numbers

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Still not convinced? How about these numbers as an example:

A thick shake (12oz serving) retailed at £3.25, based on 40 servings a day on 320 trading days a year could make you over £29,000 in profit a year.

Want to find out more? Head over to our profit calculator and estimate some potential returns based on the products you’d like to sell.

The Machines

So which particular soft serve machine is right for you? Let’s take a look at three different capacities so you can get an idea of what you might need.

The Taylor 150 Soft Serve Freezer or its counter-top equivalent the Taylor 152 Soft Serve Freezer can deliver up to 100 2.5oz portions an hour. That’s your summer lunch rush handled easily! Kids parties? Easy!

Need more capacity? Take a look at the Taylor 161 Twin Soft Serve Freezer. This gravity-fed machine serves up to 200 2.5oz portions an hour and only needs cleaning every 3 days – that’s another thing off your mind!

Still not enough? How about the Taylor C706 Soft Serve Freezer with its capacity to serve up a whopping 500 2.5oz portions an hour.

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