Artisan Ice Cream Case Study - Lambert Arms

The Lambert Arms
Artisan Ice Cream Case Study – Lambert Arms


It has given the Lambert Arms a unique selling point from the other local pubs and restaurants. The machine is very robust, it freezes far quicker than other makes and the draining facility makes it much easier to clean. The machine just feels much stronger than other ice cream machines on the market. Rob Clayton – Executive Chef

Frozen Desserts – Profit Projection

Selling Price £5.50
Less VAT* £0.82*
Sub Total £4.78
Less Product Cost £0.50**
Profit per 4.75 litre Napoli £4.28
Average Daily Servings 10
Nett Daily Profit £42.80
Selling Days 365
Nett Annual Profit £15,622


*VAT at 15% in 2008 **Product cost allows for three scoops of vanilla ice cream, fruit and decoration.

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