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EC3 chick COMBI

Does your kitchen suffer from lack of space like almost every other food service business?

Would a small footprint, simple to operate, full size 1/1 GN combination oven be an interesting proposition?

The Prática EC3 could be answer that all “kitchens lacking in space” have been looking for…  with a footprint of less than 70cm deep, 65cm wide and only 50cm high, the Prática EC3 is extremely compact, especially considering it has all of the capabilities of larger, more expensive combination ovens…

What is a combination oven?

A combination oven is an oven with three key cooking functions; convection (dry heat), steam and combination cooking. In the convection mode, the oven circulates dry heat – ideal for pastries, breads and roasting. The steam mode injects steam from the boiler into the oven to poach fish, steam rice and vegetables. The combination cooking functions are what make ‘Combi-Ovens’ stand out from conventional ovens or steamers. Having the ability to precisely control the temperature and percentage of steam in the cook chamber allows the operator to cook a very wide range of menu items in very specific ways. For example, having a percentage of moisture in the cooking chamber when roasting meats helps to maintain the moisture within the product whilst reducing shrinkage due to evaporation.

Pratica EC3 with ER7 Stand

Pratica EC3 with optional ER7 Stand

The Prática EC3 oven has all of the regular functions associated with combi-cooking; dry heat, full steam, combination, static steaming, re-generation and multi stage program cooking. But the unique function which the EC3 has over other combination ovens is the grill or gratinate option. The EC3 has an exposed infra red element located in the upper surface of the cook chamber which can be used independently or factored into other cooking cycles, allowing the operator to brown off items nicely while it cooks. All of the cooking cycles can be controlled either using the conventional timer option, alternatively the four point probe can be utilised to ensure the oven continues cooking until the core reaches the desired temperature.

Pratica Combination Oven Functions

So whether your preparing a full English or steaming perfectly soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Poaching salmon with steamed vegetables for lunch and roasting chickens for dinner, the EC3 can handle everything you need it to do. The five different tray heights are capable of holding three 25mm deep full size 1/1 gastronome trays simultaneously.

Pratica cooking methods

While other ovens in the market place become more and more technical the Prática EC3 has remained ‘user friendly’ and ‘straight forward’. The simple control panel allows you to instruct the oven to do what you want it to do and it will happily do the rest. 16 pre-programmable settings are available for you to store your more popular cooking procedures and the inbuilt temperature probe ensures that you to cook menu items to specific temperatures.

Pratica EC3.2 Twin Combi Oven

Pratica EC3.2 Twin Combi Oven

The EC3 has an assisted-clean facility – simply cool the oven down, spray on your preferred oven cleaner and leave the oven to do the rest. Once it completes its cycle of steaming and rinsing, all you need to do is spray the inside of the cavity with the water hose to ensure any stubborn areas are clean and that any residue is washed away.

As your business grows, so can the EC3. The oven is stackable meaning you can double the capacity and functionality without sacrificing any additional kitchen space. Double up the oven to create a Prática EC3.2 and you can roast meats in one while steaming vegetables in the other independently of one and other.

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