Frozen Yogurt Case Study - Stanwell School

Frozen Yogurt Case Study – Stanwell SchoolStanwell School

Frozen Yogurt is the perfect healthy treat with the appeal of ice cream whilst maintaining the health guidelines set out by the National Welsh Assembly. Taylor UK was the obvious choice; their reputation and service backup boosted our confidence. Mark Robinson – Catering Manager

Frozen Yogurt Tubs– Profit Projection

Selling Price £0.80
Less VAT* £0.13*
Sub Total £0.67
Less Product Cost £0.28**
Profit per 4.75 litre Napoli £0.39
Average Daily Servings 250
Nett Daily Profit £97.50
Selling Days 190
Nett Annual Profit £18,525

*VAT at 20% **Product cost based on a 2.5oz portion of frozen yogurt.

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