Keep cakes, chocolates & pastries perfect with our refrigerated pastry displays

When you’ve spent years exacting every little detail of your recipes and hours every day baking to perfection you don’t want to have your display let you down with your treats going stale in under an hour.

You need a refrigerated pastry display that you can count on to keep your cakes, chocolates & pastries in great condition all day long, no matter the weather. Today we’ll take a look at some of our best sellers and what they could offer your business.

Take a look at the ISA – Twingo Pastry Display:

ISA – Twingo Pastry Display

Perfect for selling cakes, pastries and other sweets in addition to cold drinks and pre-packaged foods. This fridge is perfect for a busy café or canteen with 2 or 3 shelves and a rolling curtain on the operators’ side to help maintain the temperature.

Why not take a look at the ISA – Kaleido Profession Pastry Display?

ISA – Kaleido Profession Pastry Display

The display deck is tilted by 4 degrees to really show off your food. This unit is available in a one shelf or two-shelf configuration.

For something a little different that allows self-service and takes up less space take a look at the ISA – Cristal Tower Professional Display Case:

ISA – Cristal Tower Professional Display Case

In addition to cakes, pastries and chocolates this model can handle frozen foods such as ice creams and gelatos too. Depending on your needs you can order this unit as a standard refrigerator, a freezer or a dual temperature fridge or freezer – flexible enough to suit anyone’s needs! It is designed to maintain temperature even with frequent use and an alarm will let you know if it gets too hot or cold.

For help planning out the best refrigeration layout for your space and needs contact us today – you can call our sales team on 0800 838896 or email and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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