Making a ‘ripple’ by The Riverside

Making a ‘ripple’ by The RiversideBeing in a busy town park bordering a clean, flowing river would be the idyllic scenario for most business owners particularly if they were thinking of providing soft ice cream to adults and children alike. There are, however, certain obstacles to overcome even in this wonderful setting.

Kelvin Dobson, Owner of The Riverside Hotel & Restaurant/Bar in Ilkley, West Yorkshire entrusted Taylor UK the leading suppliers of soft serve equipment to assist in overcoming a few issues, namely the competition:

Kelvin says “We were looking at something to give us an extra edge over the increasing number of Ice Cream Vans situated in and around the park entrances and exits Making a ‘ripple’ by The Riversideparticularly as they were beginning to affect our business. Initially we considered upgrading our current machine to a Taylor Twin Flavour machine; however Taylor’s advised us about their FlavorBurst system, which was a great idea and cost effective as we could add the system to our existing Taylor C708 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, it was not only a more cost effective solution, but has given us a product our customers love and come to us to enjoy this colourful and tasty treat, not something they could get from the vans”

Making a ‘ripple’ by The RiversideMarketed as “The Riverside Ripple”, it has proved a huge hit with the locals and the visitors alike, not only tantalising the taste buds of our patrons but increasing sales and profitability of an already vibrant business.

“It certainly has the WOW factor for children”, Kelvin added, “With 8 great flavours to choose from the kids are really spoilt for choice, and what’s more we have increased sales and profit margins, a double win!”

Making a ‘ripple’ by The RiversideDue to the success of the ice cream FlavorBurst system, Kelvin has also recently added a Taylor 430 Thick Shake machine with a FlavorBurst system to offer 8 delicious thick shake options to his burgeoning masses.

“I would recommend the FlavorBurst system to anyone currently offering soft serve ice cream”, said Kelvin, “It’s proved a great investment for us and I’m positive it would anywhere, hopefully the Thick Shake option will be just as successful!”

The FlavourBurst system is a great addition to any business. To take advantage of this opportunity to increase sales and maximise profitability call the Taylor UK Sales Hotline free on 0800 838896, e-mail us at  or visit our website

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