Molly’s creates a BIG splash in Little Venice

Mollys-Logo-250Molly’s at Little Venice is a very successful yet quaint neighbourhood restaurant with one of the best breakfast and brunch menus in the area. But they wanted to bring something different to the area and the new and unique Frigomat GX2 was just what they were looking for….

Located just north of Paddington in London, Little Venice is picturesque pocket of London where the Grand Union and Regents Canals meet. Home to a number of waterside cafes. One in particular; Molly’s at Little Venice, is standing out from all of the rest!

FrigomatMolly’s at Little Venice is a quaint neighbourhood restaurant with one of the best breakfast and brunch menus in the area. Having already introduced a truly home-cooked, delicious dinner menu to their already successful offer, Eugenia Kaye; proprietor of Molly’s, wanted to bring something new and unique to the restaurant to give them the edge over the neighbouring businesses.

Eugenia contacted Taylor UK for some advice. Eugenia’s timing couldn’t have been better, following a meeting with David Bradford; Taylor UK’s sales manager for London, they decided that the brand new concept of ‘Gelato on the Go’ would be ideal for them. Proving highly successful in Italy, the new concept of producing freshly made ice cream or gelato right in front of the customer and serving it straight from the machine was the unique concept that Molly’s was looking for!

Brand new to the UK market, the Frigomat GX2 batch & display freezer was the ideal solution for Molly’s. This unique, all-in-one machine has allowed the team at Molly’s to produce top quality, real gelato without the need for big batch freezers and space-consuming ice cream display cabinets. Space is at a premium in Molly’s, the thought of having to take out tables to add a display cabinet really was not an option, the mobility of the Frigomat GX2 is ideal. It can be wheeled in and out of the store as required and as it’s such a unique concept, it entices customer’s curiosity as they can’t resist trying it!

Eugenia added “I absolutely love the quality of the Gelato we make with the GX2, the simplicity of the machine and its ease of operation. We roll the machine out on to our decking at the front of the restaurant and it instantly becomes a focus point for foot traffic passing the restaurant, drawing them in.”

Mollys-2-(AL)“We are now able to serve a wonderful homemade product, made to our specific recipe. It’s kept our regular customers happy and they are thrilled that they can now have perfect gelato. But most importantly, it’s attracting new customers.”

Children and adults alike love the machine, the whole visual experience of seeing gelato being made right in front of their eyes is unique. Eugenia concluded, “I know that our customers will keep coming back for more. On our first day we almost ran out as people were trying it, loving it and were then bringing their friends back later in the day to try it too!”

Check out the Frigomat GX2, Gelato-On-The-Go at Molly’s at Little Venice for yourself… They can be found at 28 Clifton Road, Little Venice, London, W9 1ST or on the web at

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