Pane e Caffe - Case Study

Pane e CaffePane e Caffe – Case Study

I took over Pane e Caffe in 2009 and the business already had a TurboChef Tornado to cook Panini’s and toasties. It has proved so successful, we have extended our offer and bought two new ovens since then. The TurboChef is great for cooking our Panini’s, wraps and toasties really quickly and is so easy to use anyone can use it. As our business continues to grow, we hope to add more ovens to our operation as it is now integral to our offer.

– James Anderson- Owner

Paninis’– Profit Projection

Selling Price £3.85
Less VAT* £0.65*
Sub Total £3.20
Less Product Cost £0.85**
Profit per portion £2.35
Average Daily Servings 60
Nett Daily Profit £141.00
Selling Days 242
Nett Annual Profit £34,122

* VAT @ 20% **Product cost based on a typical ham and cheese Panini.

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