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ISA – Bermuda Ice Cream display with Storage

The ISA Bermuda is an entry level ice cream display cabinet making it the perfect addition to any business looking to add scoop ice cream or gelato to their food service operation. 


ISA – Bermuda View

Increased visibility promotional gelato display  The Bermuda View is a compact promotional gelato display cabinet with ventilated refrigeration. 


ISA – Il Carrettino Classic Gelato Display

This quirky gelato display cart is perfect for almost everyone. An extra layer of ice cream containers can reside below the display layer-  sell twice the volume in one go!


ISA – Il Carrettino Carapine Gelato Cart

This quirky ice cream cart with traditional pozzetti tubs is perfect for almost everyone looking to serve ice cream and gelato in a classical way.


ISA – Isabella Promotional Display Cabinet

The ISA Isabella is a promotional refrigerated display cabinet which is purpose built for showing off your range of gelato and ice cream to customers.


ISA – Isetta Promotional Ice Cream Cabinet

The Isetta cabinet is designed for retailers who are looking to sell ice cream without making a large capital investment.


ISA – Fiji Promotional Ice Cream Display

The ISA Fiji is a wonderful range of cabinets which are designed to work around your existing setup as they’re available in a variety of sizes.


ISA – Il Gelataio Promotional Pozzetti

The ISA Il Gelataio is a promotional pozzetti gelato counter which can be easily branded or moved to different retail positions for maximum sales impact!


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