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Frigomat Chef 60 LCD Cream Cooker

The Frigomat Chef 60 has been designed to satisfy the needs of pastry and gelato chefs who want to create their own specialities rapidly in large sized quantities, in order to have an ‘always fresh’ product.

This technologically advanced machine is equipped with an LCD screen offering the operator a large selection of programmed capabilities to produce; ice cream mixes, pastry cream, puddings, ganache, marmalades, fruit jelly and much more…

Manufactured in Italy by Frigomat to ensure that European equipment quality and technology standards are met.

Features of the Frigomat Chef 60 include:

Variable Batch Size – Production from 30 Kg to 55 Kg per cycle.

Heat Cycles – Four quick selection push buttons;

  • Cooked Cream Cycle
  • Chocolate Tempering Cycle
  • Semi-automatic Cycle with temperature adjustment from 30°C to 115°C with automatic re-calibration of hold timer to ensure pasteurisation is completed correctly. The hold timer can be
    overridden and set to any time up to 10 hours.
  • Preservation Cycles

Programmable LCD – The Chef 60 is pre-set with 30 standard recipes and can be programmed with additional custom recipes to produce a wide range of products. The level/aggression of the heating/cooling system and speed/intensity of the agitation and alerts can be controlled in different steps to produce the perfect product.

Bain-Marie Heating System – Indirect heat and cold are transferred through the entire tank surface to prevent ‘hot spots’. The tank temperature reaches up to 115°C whilst maintaining the characteristics of the product. The machine also features a ‘delicate’ treatment option with glycol temperature below 100°C.

Automatic Functions with IES System – The patented IES system reduces the phenomenon of thermal inertia protecting the mix with precise temperature control whilst preventing unnecessary energy usage.

Stainless-Steel Tank – The tank is manufactured from stainless steel with a seamless design for easy cleaning. The internal dip probe ensures accurate temperature control. The high spout position allows for easy dispense into large buckets and the clear polycarbonate cover with adjustable vents allows the operator to easily monitor the process.

Scraper Blades – The Frigomat Chef 60 is fitted with removable scraper blades which actively push against the walls of the cylinder preventing products from adhering. The motor inverter allows 10 different levels of agitation for precise control.

Power requirements: Three Phase Only

Dimensions: 630 (w) x 1020 (d) x 1200 (h) mm

Cooling: Water Cooled

Capacity: 30 – 55 litres per Batch

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Frigomat Chef 60 LCD Cream Cooker
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