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Frigomat PEB 130 (130 Litre Pasteuriser)

The Frigomat PEB 130 allows the operator to incorporate a hot process to mix, heat, hold, refrigerate and age gelato or other frozen dessert mixes.

Using a hot process improves mix stability, assures a rich creamy texture and ensures a high quality product in the display case whilst maintaining high levels of food safety.

The equipment’s flexibility allows it to be used for speciality recipes; inverted sugars, slush bases, syrup toppings or hot chocolate.

Manufactured in Italy by Frigomat to ensure that European equipment quality and technology standards are met.

Heat cycles

  • Three quick selection push buttons:
  • Automatic cycle at 85°C
  • Automatic cycle at 65°C
  • Semi-automatic cycle with regulation of temperature up to 90°C and automatic calculation of pause timing according to the selected temperature. Pause can be set up to 10 hours.

Preservation cycles – Preservation at 4°C is automatic with the ability to monitor the product temperature throughout the cycle. Semi-automatic cooling/preservation cycle can be selected.

Bain-marie system – Bain-marie system; the indirect heat is evenly transferred throughout the entire tank surface to prevent the product from burning.

Automatic functions with IES system – Automatic no-frost function and cycle restart in case of electrical blackout. The IES system eliminates the phenomenon of thermal inertia, thanks to a patented system which allows high precision at the desired temperatures and also helps with energy consumption.

Stainless steel vat – Stainless steel cylinder block vat with high precision temperature control through a dip probe. The clear cover allows operators to watch the mixing action and the high positioned outlet spigot allows the use of large containers to dispense the product into.

Easy cleaning – Independent rinse cycle for the spout maintains strictest hygiene after each mix drawing and eliminates carryover. Stainless steel agitator and spout disassemble easily without tools.

Variable batch size – Flexible production from 40 Kg up to 130 Kg.

Power requirements: Three Phase Only

Dimensions: 525 (w) x 1086 (d) x 1140 (h) mm

Cooling: Water Cooled Only

Capacity: 40 – 120 litres per Batch

Production: 130 litres per Cycle  (Approximately 2 hours)


Ice Cream & Gelato Mixes

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Frigomat PEB 130 Pasteuriser
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