Belgian Waffles & Blended Shakes - Fudge Puppy Story

Fudge PuppyBelgian Waffles & Blended Shakes… read how Fudge Puppy ‘shakes it up’ in Leicester.

 Roz Kidy opened Fudge Puppy in Leicester back in March 2013. The concept has proved so successful that she needed to take advantage of Taylor’s 90 day upgrade offer to secure a higher output soft ice cream machine to keep up with the demand for the premium shakes and desserts which they make…


Fudge Puppy opened its doors for the first time in March 2013 with the concept of providing the people of Leicester with high end artisanal thick shakes, sundaes, Belgian waffles and ice cream.

Fudge Puppy Before opening, Fudge Puppy owner Roz Kidy wanted to add a traditional soft serve ice cream machine to the business to provide a premium soft serve ice cream on demand which could form the basis of their blended shakes, waffles and desserts. Following extensive research, Roz contacted Taylor UK and chose the market leading Taylor 152 to produce a single flavour high quality soft ice cream.

Taylor 152Roz  states; “Fudge Puppy uses the Taylor 152 to produce a base ice cream, in to which we blend other ingredients to make ice cream shakes like; Strawberry Cheesecake, Coconut Crunch and Nutty Brittle to name but a few”.

Roz commented, “That without the Taylor soft ice cream machine the business wouldn’t have had the quality of product and wouldn’t have been such a roaring success”.

The concept has proved exceptionally successful, gaining Fudge Puppy a great reputation with the local community, creating a demand for unique blended shakes which potentially was going to outstrip supply!

With this in mind, Fudge Puppy decided to take advantage of the Taylor 90 day upgrade offer, using their existing 90 day old machine as a deposit against a larger, higher output model. Fudge Puppy upgraded to the twin barrel 161 which will provide twice the output of ice cream compared to the model 152 Blended Shakes Belgian Waffleswith the added benefit of now being able to offer two different flavours – with a twist of both as an option.

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