Central Fish Bar - Testimonial

Central Fish Bar – Testimonial“Taylor Thick Shakes the Year Round Seller”

Central Fish Bar opened its doors 14 years ago in the Lincolnshire town of Holbeach. After the first two years of trading the owners wanted to introduce something different which would give them an edge over the other two fish & chips shops on the same street.


So having researched the market Michelle Barnet decided to introduce traditional American style thick shakes using the Taylor 428 shake machine with the Taylor FB80S FlavorBurst system. This combination proved a massive success with our customers with Michelle saying “The Taylor thick shake machines proved a year round seller and not only to kids but to customers of all ages. The machines have increased our foot fall and average customer spend, with customer’s choosing our shop over the competition purely because of the shakes. We are selling medium and large shakes at £1.50 – £1.80 with an average cost to us of 35p, so we make a really good margin.

Michelle continued “After 12 years of great service we have replaced our old thick shake machines with a more updated version now offering a total of 9 flavours. We would have no hesitation in recommending Taylor equipment to any business who are looking to offer something different, with high margin to give the edge over there competition”

“Thick shakes sell to all ages”

Michelle Barnet – Manager – Central Fish Bar, 67-69 High Street, Holbeach, Spalding, Linconshire, PE12 7ED

Taylor UK adds:

Central Fish Bar – TestimonialThe UK has seen an average £5 million per year increase in sales associated with milkshakes, leading to a plethora of milkshake bars appearing as well as many existing businesses adding thick shake equipment to their operation.

*“Thick shakes are enjoyed by customers at any time of the year with little fluctuation in demand for shakes throughout the season, combined with the fact that flavoured shakes out perform the total soft drinks category” said Anthony Wilkinson from DaVinci Gourmet.*

As Michelle highlights, there are also amazing profits to be made with margins as high as 70%. Another great plus point with thick shake is their popularity with the younger generation, the very demographic that many fish and chip shops struggle to attract. With the addition of a Taylor thick shake machine, you will always have a delicious and mouth-watering shakes on tap!

*Source – DaVinci Gourmet

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