Customer Story - Rassams Creamery, Sheffield

Customer Story – Rassams Creamery, Sheffield

Rassams Creamery is possibly the largest dessert parlour in Sheffield, located in a prime location on the corner of Beeley Street and London Road, this former gym is ideally positioned to maximise foot fall and impulse sales.

Having previously opened other dessert parlours in Sheffield on a far tighter budget, Rassams Ali, owner of Rassams Creamery, had learnt from his past experiences and chose to ‘do it right’ by fitting out his newest store with some bespoke designed cabinets and displays made by ISA in Italy and installed by Taylor UK.

We asked Mr Ali a few questions regarding his recent project…

Customer Story – Rassams Creamery, SheffieldWhat made you choose ISA and Taylor UK?

Having purchased inferior equipment before and experienced the associated problems with reliability, quality and service that come with that, I needed to deal with a company that could meet my expectations for my new project. 

Taylor UK’s has a growing reputation within the frozen dessert parlour market, and ISA‘s reputation as a world leading supplier within the ice cream world made them an obvious choice. 

Taylor UK’s aftercare and customer support infrastructure also helped with my decision.

Customer Story – Rassams Creamery, SheffieldWhat made you choose to open a new store?

With the growing Dessert Parlour market, currently sweeping through the UK, I knew that when I opened my new Flagship store on Beeley Street in Sheffield everything had to be correct, right from the start. Other competition has moved in to the area, offering bigger stores and more customer choice within their menu’s. The original Rassams store, located 100 yards further down Beeley street, was too small to cope with the ever-increasing customer demand.

When the old gym on the corner of Beeley Street and London road came on to the market, I knew this corner location would be the best opportunity to open a brand new state of the art parlour.

Customer Story – Rassams Creamery, SheffieldHow was your ‘Taylor’ experience?

I contacted Taylor UK and made an appointment with their ISA Custom Projects Manager, David Lewis. David came to visit the shell of the new shop which allowed him to measure up accurately so that we could maximise the space. The unit is a challenging layout as it’s a corner location. But w managed to designed the counter into a curve with three large ice cream display cabinets offering 54 flavours combined with a Bmix cold stone slab which allows us to offer endless combinations to our customers who can custom design their own dessert.

The two meter pastry cabinet allows us to display all of our cakes and pastries and the matching rear under counter storage and a custom built designed rear upper structures to compliment the counters making the whole set up look really professional. David managed to fit in everything which we needed. 

The counters were delivered in March ’17. completing the fit out and Rassams Creamery was born…

Rassams Creamery offer a wide range of shakes, waffles, crepes, old school puddings, cakes, and up to 54 different flavours of ice cream with endless dessert combinations thanks to the Bmix stone.

The quality and finish of the cabinets has given Rassams Creamery the high end dessert parlour they were looking for. The angled display cases with LED lighting and clean white Corian front panels give the front counters the bespoke, high end, professional look they need.

Why don’t you visit Mr Ali and his team at the Rassams Creamery and try one of their amazing desserts, they can be found at:

Rassams Creamery, 14 Beeley Street, Sheffield, S2 4LP

Facebook: @rassamscreamery1


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