Equipment Review - Frigomat C125

Equipment Review – Frigomat C125Small, counter top, simple to use and freezes 2.8 litres of ice cream in as little as 12 minutes…

Loved by chefs in restaurants up and down the country, the Taylor by Frigomat C125 is a small compact batch freezer for artisan ice cream, gelato and sorbet products. In only 12 minutes this little counter top machine will turn just over 2 litres of liquid mix – into 2.8 litres of frozen scoop-able ice cream.

Simply turn it on, pour in your mix and set the timer… and that’s it.


Equipment Review – Frigomat C125Unlike your domestic £300 ice cream maker from “the internet”, the Frigomat C125 is a professional machine designed to be used throughout the day, everyday. The consistent freezing process and removable scraper blades on the beater ensure that every batch is frozen in the same way and in the same time – approximately 12-15 minutes depending on the mix. With ample ventilation this small batch freezer is happy working all day, every day.

Equipment Review – Frigomat C125The C125 vertical, counter top batch freezer is the perfect starting point for operators looking to produce quality gelato, ice cream and slush in small quantities and with reduced investment. It’s compact size and visual appeal make it ideal for restaurants, pastry and coffee shops. Manufactured in Italy by Frigomat, it draws on over forty years of experience and development to ensure that Italian equipment quality and technology standards are met.

Equipment Review – Frigomat C125The other great feature of the C125 is that it runs on a regular 13 amp domestic plug socket, so can be used anywhere and ‘put away’ when it’s no longer required. It really is the perfect solution for those looking to churn their own ice cream but only have limited space and power.

It’s a commercial ice cream machine which wouldn’t look out of place in any professional kitchen!

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