Equipment Review – Frigomat Professional Ice Cream & Gelato Machines

Equipment Review – Frigomat Professional Ice Cream & Gelato MachinesHave you ever thought about making your own ice cream?

Are you apprehensive about buying big equipment and not using it to its full potential?

Our extensive range from Frigomat has a solution for everyone. 

Taylor UK are the exclusive distributors of the amazing range of professional ice cream and gelato making equipment from Frigomat. With over twenty eight different machines in the Taylor by Frigomat artisan range, there’s an ice cream making solution for everyone.

Equipment Review – Frigomat Professional Ice Cream & Gelato MachinesSmall Volume, Counter Top Machines

Ideal for restaurants, cafes or anyone at the beginning of their ice cream adventure, the C124 & C125 counter top machines from Frigomat are the perfect starting point. With a freezing time of approximately 8 minutes and simple operation, these are the perfect unit for small volume applications.

Single Phase, Automatic Horizontal Batch Freezers

Perfect for small ice cream parlors, café, delis and farm shops. The C122 and C119 have the automatic freezing functions of the bigger machines but without the need for three phase power supplies; ideal for operators who already struggle for power. The C119 is capable of producing one 5 litre Napoli of ice cream every batch; ideal for those operators looking to use a cold mix process.


Frigomat offer four different options when it comes to pasteurizers; 30, 60, 2×60 and 120 litre configurations. The most popular option, the CH03 30 liter unit is available in either three or single phase making it a great option for everyone. With an automatic cycle time of around two hours; you can heat, chill and store your mix safely, so your mix is ready to go exactly when you need it.

Fully automatic, Horizontal Batch Freezers

Designed for dedicated ice cream parlors and manufactures, C118, C117 & C116 batch freezersEquipment Review – Frigomat Professional Ice Cream & Gelato Machines can produce anything from 2 – 15 kg of ice cream every batch in less than 10 minutes. The fully automatic, viscosity controlled freezing process ensures perfect, consistent results each and every time regardless of the recipe or the operator.

Vertical Batch Freezers

These traditional style machines are perfect for the experienced gelato maker. The simple time controlled freezing cycle allows the operator to precisely control the freezing of their gelato. The top opening design allows inclusions to be added at the last minute for perfect results.

Combination MachinesEquipment Review – Frigomat Professional Ice Cream & Gelato Machines

The ‘Rolls Royce’ of ice cream making equipment! Turn milk, cream, sugar and stabilizer into perfectly frozen gelato in less than 25 minutes! You will never run out of ice cream again! Designed for true artisan applications, the Frigomat combination machines allows the operator the ability to balance each and every recipe perfectly.

There’s so many different ways of making ice cream, gelato and sorbets it can be quite intimidating at first.

Contact us today and your local Taylor UK sales manager will arrange to visit you and can walk you through the process and discuss which equipment would be perfect for you.

We have our own demonstration facility in Slough where we can show you the whole ice cream making process from start to finish – showing just how easy it can be! Call us now to attend our next artisan demonstration day.

For more information on Frigomat Batch freezers and pasteurisers or any of the other great products supplied by Taylor UK, call the Taylor UK Sales Hotline FREE on 0800 838 896 or e-mail us at


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