Equipment Review - ISA's Il Carrettino Classic

Equipment Review – ISA’s Il Carrettino Classic

1950’s design with twenty first century technology…

In the past, the ice cream cart represented a time of joy and happiness. The passing of the ice cream cart created a unique atmosphere and for many children it was the most anticipated moment of the day.

Equipment Review – ISA’s Il Carrettino ClassicISA’s Il Carrettino Classic ice cream cart is an authentic tribute to the ice cream carts of old, becoming a new icon of traditional Italian ice cream throughout the world.

With nostalgic style from the past combined with cutting edge technology from the present, ISA has created a display cabinet which performs well in most conditions; the one piece tank structure is insulated with eco-friendly CO2-blown polyurethane foam which is HCFC and HFC free, the on-board condensing unit with ventilated refrigeration ensures consistent and reliable operation and the on board rinse basin and counter top are made of stainless steel for maximum hygiene.

TEquipment Review – ISA’s Il Carrettino Classiche Il Carrettino Classic cart is the ideal solution for free-standing installations and outdoor sales promotions.

With the 6 flavour Il Carrettino Ice Cream Cart you can attract your customers’ attention in any setting: all you need is a 13 amp electrical plug socket and you can easily reach all kinds of different places.

Some of the features on the Il Carrettino are:

  • Equipment Review – ISA’s Il Carrettino ClassicThe internal capacity of the unit is sufficient to allow the storage of a second row of flat Napoli containers beneath the display layer
  • Stylish straight glass upper structures
  • Rear pivoting door to prevent external contamination
  • The cabinet has been tested to function in climate class 4 – +30°C with 55% relative humidity
  • The wheels allow the cart to be easily relocated to maximise sales (please note it’s not designed for mobile applications and excessive movement)
  • Integral scoop washer and tap
  • Equipment Review – ISA’s Il Carrettino ClassicVentilated refrigeration for even ‘cold’ distribution
  • Finned evaporator with automatic hot gas defrost cycle
  • Internal lighting canopy
  • Standalone design only requires a dedicated 13amp power supply

To find out more information or to order a new ISA Il Carrettino Classic, call Taylor UK free on 0800 838 896

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Equipment Review – ISA’s Il Carrettino Classic

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