Equipment Review - MagnaBlend

Equipment Review – MagnaBlendRevolutionary Service Speed & Technology in a small footprint…

More and more businesses are making the best of the profit opportunity held within the artisan beverage market. Milkshakes have hit the nation over recent years along with frappes, smoothies and granitas.

The majority of us would assume that the one piece of equipment needed to enter this market would be a blender! And you would be right…

Taylor Company have developed a blending system designed to increase; production, speed and flexibility – the MagnaBlend.

So why choose MagnaBlend?

The ice in a drink made in the MagnaBlend is shaved NOT blended or smashed. This creates a drink with a flavour that carries all the way through to the end of the drink ratherEquipment Review – MagnaBlendthan leaving you with half a cup of ice once you’ve finished. The premium quality frozen drinks, speed of production and flexibility in menu Equipment Review – MagnaBlendcombinations will give your drinks offering a lease of life with cannot be rivalled. Providing your customers with value for money which will keep them coming back for more!

The blending pitchers use induction (magnets) to turn the moving parts, giving less wear on motors & components. resulting in far longer service of the equipment than other products.

If it were not impressive enough that (at the push of one button) the MagnaBlend can produce the perfect iced drink in 9 seconds!!

Add your syrups, fruit purées or soft fruits to the blending jug, choose the drinks size and in 9 second your done! 

A big feature of the MagnaBlend system would have to be the integrated Wash Station. It’s ‘built-in’ design reduces turn-around times between drinks, increasing throughput and dramatically reduces unnecessary movement back and forth to the sink!!!

The MagnaBlend is perfect for a multitude of different business types; whether you’re a coffee shop, restaurant or even a licensed bar! The variety of iced drinks that can be Equipment Review – MagnaBlendproduced is only  limited to the operators  imagination!

Serve; iced coffees, fruit slushes & granitas, milkshakes, smoothies, frozen cocktails & mocktails and much much more – How many additional profit lines could you introduce with one simple to use machine?


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