Equipment Review - NEW Prática Combi-Ovens

Introducing Prática Combination Ovens to the UK…

Equipment Review – NEW Prática Combi-Ovens

We understand that in today’s competitive marketplace, location can be key to opening and running a successful business, when taking on new sites or looking to refurbish existing

Equipment Review – NEW Prática Combi-Ovens

Prática EC3

kitchens, you often have to make allowances on space used in the kitchen area. When this happens how will you meet the needs of your customers by fitting in a multi-platform cooking area without the space?  We believe the answer is by using combi-ovens. Quite often however these ovens are too large and can take up too much kitchen space, usually even the smaller models don’t offer a full Gastronorm sized pan!! Frustrating isn’t it?

Considering all of the usual problems; Taylor UK believe we have the perfect solution for you! A new, smaller footprint combi-oven with dimensions of just 454mm high x 650mm wide x 656mm depth, that will take 3 x full Gastronorm sized pans.  We are proud to introduce The Prática Gourmet combi-oven, model EC3 – the combi that delivers where other cannot.

Equipment Review – NEW Prática Combi-Ovens

Prática EC3.2

Ideally suited for bistros, restaurants, buffets or even as support in industrial kitchens, Prática offers the Gourmet Line. This equipment ensures high productivity in a reduced space with significant economy, practicality and energy efficiency.

This line offers digital control, a probe with 4 points for controlling the internal temperature of the food, generation of steam through a boiler with automatic draining system, programming of recipes, control of steam between 0 and 100% and Steamer function.

The Prática EC3 and EC3.2 models have a resistance element in the upper part of the cooking chamber which enables the user to gratinate dishes perfectly.

Equipment Review – NEW Prática Combi-Ovens

Prática Combination Oven Range on ES9 Hot Cabinet

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