Equipment Review - Taylor 430 Flavor Burst

Equipment Review – Taylor 430 Flavor Burst

Taylor 430 Flavor Burst

You only get 8 Flavours (+vanilla) with a Shake Machine from Taylor!

The Taylor 430 counter-top, single flavour, gravity fed, medium volume, frozen beverage machine, is the perfect addition to any business allowing them to vary their menu by offering, smoothies, thick shakes, slush, frozen cocktails, tea and iced coffee, all served with perfect consistency time after time.

Features include:Equipment Review – Taylor 430 Flavor Burst

3.8 litre freezing cylinder to ensure plenty of product is always available ‘on tap’

13.2 litre hopper, refrigerated to maintain mix at below 41˚F (5˚C) with such a large hopper it reduces the need to constantly fill the machine

Indicator mix warning light alerts the operator to add mix, and when the mix out light flashes, the machine automatically shuts down to prevent damage which is good safeguard

A viscosity control automatically maintains superior product quality, with an adjustable control to allow the operator to serve a wide range of beverages at the desired thickness

The model 430 will operate from a dedicated 13 amp socket – no need for single or three phase power supplies

Great output, producing 24 litres an hour equivalent to 4-to-5  x 10oz drinks per minute

Optimise your Taylor 430 Thick Shake machine by adding the revolutionary Flavor Burst™ system….

Equipment Review – Taylor 430 Flavor BurstThe FB80s syrup injection system is an add-on that allows you to serve up to eight different flavours from a single thick shake machine.

The features of the FB80s system include:

Compact; the slim-line unit can be located anywhere within a few metres of your soft serve machine. The optional cart provides a tidy solution if necessary.

Simple operation; the push button control panel is easy to operate, requiring no special skills. Anyone can select a flavour and dispense the product. The microprocessor controls the portion size and warns when syrup bags are empty.

Easy to clean; the built in sanitising system allows both the dispensing rotor and syrup lines to be flushed out both quickly and easily.

Long shelf life; each syrup had its own independent syrup line separating it from any external contamination. The flavours themselves have 18 months ambient shelf life limiting wastage.

Unique selling point; with a wide range of different flavour options, the Flavor Burst system gives you limitless flexibility to offer eight different flavours at any one time, with the ability to change flavours quickly and easily with minimal fuss.

Low power requirement; the unit is powered by a standard 13amp power supply which requires no special installation.

Equipment Review – Taylor 430 Flavor Burst

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