Equipment Review - Taylor Model C723

Taylor UK reviews the model C723, a machine that benefits from the merging of two of Taylor’s iconic ranges

Equipment Review – Taylor Model C723Do you want to introduce frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream to your business without having to sacrifice lots of valuable retail space but think you’ll still need the ability to serve high volumes of product in those peak periods?

The C723 combines the Taylor Made range’s easy to use, small footprint counter top units with the cutting edge design and functionality of the Crown series range of machines. The C723 is a unit capable of serving high volumes of frozen yogurt or delicious soft ice cream to your customers without the need for a total shop redesign.

Features & Benefits

  • Available as either counter top or floor stood units; so will fit into most operations without major outlet alterations.
  • Standard hopper agitator; to help keep your yogurt product consistant in low volume times.
  • Easy to clean; a gravity fed unit has a feedtube in the hopper as opposed to a multi part pump system.
  • Specially designed freezer door; thermo plastic door allows quick and easy dispense.
  • Self-closing draw handle; Essential for those self service operations.
  • Side air discharge chute; Allows one side of the machine to be pushed against a wall or partion, maximising counter space.

Profit Example

Selling Price £2.30
Less VAT* £0.38*
Sub Total £1.92
Less Product Cost £0.35**
Profit per portion £1.57
Average Daily Servings 50
Nett Daily Profit £78.50
Selling Days 360
Nett Annual Profit £28,260

*VAT at 20% **Product cost based on 5 oz portion. Why not use our profit calculator to work out your own profit projection. Click here


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