Equipment Review - The mighty Metro!

Equipment Review – The mighty Metro!Do you need to display your sandwiches, cakes, pastries, drinks in a attractive display?

The Metro range of ventilated refrigerated pastry display cabinets are ideal if you require a serve over cabinet with multiple refrigerated shelves allowing you to display cream cakes, sandwiches, pastries, drinks and any other delicious items which require constant refrigeration.

Features include:

  • Three refrigerated tempered glass shelves with LED lighting.
  • Customisation front panel options allow the cabinets to fit in with most shop decor.
  • Plug in operation requires no specialist refrigeration installation.
  • Available in two widths; 95cm or 130cm allowing them to be located almost anywhere.
  • Three configurations; open front “grab ‘n’ go”, rear accessed ‘assisted’ service or ambient for displaying cakes.
  • Digital temperature control with automatic stop compressor defrosting.
  • Sliding rear doors and pull down ‘night curtain’ on open fronted models ensure efficient operation.

Equipment Review – The mighty Metro!

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