Equipment Review – ‘The Panini’

Equipment Review – ‘The Panini’TurboChef Technologies have launched a brand new version of their market leading Sota rapid cook oven. David Rees; Taylor UK’s resident chef takes a look at ‘The Panini’ to see just how good this oven is…

The TurboChef Sota rapid cook oven has taken pride of place in the range of TurboChef ovens, proving to be the most popular oven supplied by Taylor UK over the past twelve months. The charming good looks and small footprint have made it the ideal oven for back counter operations such as cafes, coffee shops and bistros who want to be able to offer more to their customers without going to the expense of fitting full kitchens and expensive extraction systems.

The clocks have gone back and the autumnal weather is here; what better time is there to introduce a new range hot sandwiches and tasty snacks to your menu?

Equipment Review – ‘The Panini’TurboChef Technologies have given their ever popular Sota oven a face lift and have launched the ‘Panini’. Based on the Sota oven, the Panini offers a brand new cooking platform allowing the operator the ability to “bar-mark” their menu items giving that traditional finish which has eluded TurboChef’s in the past.

David made the comment; “The recurring statement we have from clients in the past, is that the Sota is amazing but it will not bar mark their toasties and ciabattas”. David adds; The new ‘Panini’ oven solves that problem completely. The grill plate which sits in the oven gives the traditional finish everyone looks for but in a fraction of the time it takes on a traditional contact grill whilst maintaining the quality of the product.”

Produced in vibrant, eye catching red, the ‘Panini’ oven is the perfect addition to any café or coffee shop that’s looking to add great quality hot sandwiches and Panini’s to their menu.

Some of the features of the TurboChef ‘Panini’ include:

Small footprint – The slim table top design allows the oven to be located almost anywhere making it perfect for front of house applications.

Ventless* – The oven comes fitted with a catalytic convertor as standard, reducing the need for expensive extraction systems.

Energy efficient – The oven only draws 750watts at idle, which is far less than a regular contact grill.

*Ventless certification is for all food items except for foods classified as “fatty raw proteins”. Such foods include; bone-in, skin-on chicken, raw hamburger meat, raw bacon, raw sausage, steaks etc. If cooking these types of foods, it is the customers responsibly to contact their local authority to ensure compliance with ventilation requirements.

For more information on how the TurboChef ovens could help your business, call the Taylor UK Sales Hotline free on 0800 838896, e-mail us at  or visit our website

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