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Milkshakes and ‘American Style’ thick shakes have never been so popular. As an operator, there are a number of different options when it comes to machines to produce amazing milkshake products:

  • Taylor PH61 – Four flavour, floor standing, heat treatment machine. The Taylor PH61 is one of the work horses of the Taylor range, used by fast food operators the world over. It produces four flavours of milkshake in addition to standard vanilla, (so technically five in total) in high volumes, with a fourteen day cleaning interval, it’s perfect for busy restaurants and 24 hour operators.
  • Taylor 430 –  Single flavour, 3 day clean machine, counter top machine. The Taylor 430 can be set to freeze a wide variety of different drinks styles but only in one flavour at a time which is usually vanilla when it comes to milkshakes. Operators have two options; add additional flavours by blending them into the vanilla base using a spinner blender or by adding a Flavor Burst system to the 430 to produce a machine which can serve up to eight additional flavours.
  • Taylor 428 – Like the Taylor 430 but with a much higher production output of product. This makes it perfect for operators which have high sales but still want to offer eight flavours of milkshake when the 428 is combined with a Flavor Burst system.
  • Taylor Magnablend – New to the UK market place, the Magnablend allows operators to serve a wide range of different frozen drink types. To make milkshakes, simply pour your base mix and flavour into the pitcher press the button and in 9 seconds the Magnablend finely shaves the ice and blends the drink to a perfect consistency drink. The integrated jug rinsing system allows you to switch between drinks in seconds.

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Taylor PH61 Thick Shake Machine

Taylor PH61

Taylor 428 FB80s

Taylor 428 FB80s

Taylor 430 Spinner

Taylor 430 ‘Spinner’

Frozen Cocktails

First popular back in the 80’s, frozen cocktails especially frozen Margaritas, have seen a retro-revival in recent years. Taylor has a number of machines which will allow you to add frozen cocktails (or mocktails if alcohol isn’t your thing) to your business. Providing a valuable revenue stream without taking up excessive space, staff time or requiring special skill.

  • Taylor 430 ‘Jose Cuervo™’ – Perfect frozen margaritas on demand all day everyday. This version of the Taylor 430 is produced and branded in conjunction with Proximo Spirits Ltd and Jose Cuervo™, this is the instant solution should you want to add frozen Margaritas to the drinks menu of your bar or restaurant. Simply prepare your Jose Cuervo™ mix and pour into the machine, in minutes you will have perfect drinks regardless of the operator. (Unbranded versions of the 430 can be used with any ingredients).
  • Taylor Magnablend – Offer a wide and varied frozen drinks menu all from one easy to use machine; simply pour your liquid base mix into the jug, place in the machine and in only nine seconds you’ll have a perfectly blended drink. Serve Margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas and much more. The flexibility of the Magnablend means that you can serve classy cocktails to the adults and indulgent milkshakes to the kids all from the one machine.

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Taylor 430 ‘Jose Cuervo’

Taylor SB2150 with Rinse Station

Taylor Magnablend


As a healthier alternative to milkshakes, smoothies are great for all business looking to add an indulgent luxury beverage item to their menu without adding too many extra calories.

  • Taylor Magnablend – make your own unique healthy smoothies using soft fresh fruits and natural yogurt or fruit purees and  protein supplements. Regardless of recipe, simply add your ingredients to the blending jug, place it in the machine and in a matter of second you’ll have a perfectly blended smoothie. The automatic rinse station means you can swap between flavours quickly and easily without having to walk back and forth to the sink. The Magnablend is the best option available for businesses looking to add a wide variety of frozen drinks to their menu without sacrificing too much space or staff time.
  • Taylor 430 ‘Smoothie’ – Branded up with fresh fruit decals, this version of the Taylor 430 is ideal for those operators looking to offer one flavour of smoothie in large volumes. The standalone design means that once its set up and filled with product it’s ready to go at the pull of a handle, meaning you can serve perfect, consistent frozen smoothies regardless of the staff on duty ensuring that your customers keep coming back.

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Taylor 430 with optional decals

Taylor 430 ‘Smoothie’

Taylor SB2150 Shaved Ice Blender

Taylor Magnablend

Fruit Slush, Granitas & Iced Coffees

As refreshing alternative to the regular soft drink options, adding frozen fruit slush, iced coffee or granita is a great way to attract additional customers to your business. These highly profitable menu items are simple to produce and the Taylor machines ensure that your customers get a consistent product each and every time they visit.

  • Taylor 370 – twin barrel frozen drinks machine. The 370 is the perfect addition to any business from news kiosk to busy bar. It allows you to serve two different flavours or styles of frozen drink from the one machine – just pour and serve. With a capacity of 10 litres per hopper, this is ideal for those looking to add a new product line without having to find space and special power.

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Taylor 370 FrozenDrinks

Taylor 370


For more advice on frozen drinks and the equipment which you need to make them, contact the Taylor UK sales office FREE on 0800 838 896, email or complete the enquiry form to find out more…


*Jose Cuervo is a registered trademark of Proximo Spirits Ltd, all rights reserved. ‘Jose Cuervo’ Frozen Margarita machines are sold in association with Proximo Spirits Ltd and therefore the product used through these machines must be Jose Cuervo Tequila and Jose Cuervo Margarita mix. Machines using alternative mixes/spirits must not have the Jose Cuervo Branding.

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