Frozen Yogurt Case Study - Yogoz

YOGOZFrozen Yogurt Case Study – Yogoz

We investigated the marketplace for around 9 months before deciding to purchase a machine from Taylor. Since making the decision, we have been absolutely delighted with their support.
We are pleased with the speed of dispense from the machine and the consistency of our yogurts, which never change irrespective of any queues that may form.
Mr D Green (Owner)

Frozen Yogurt– Profit Projection

Selling Price £2.90
Less VAT* £0.38
Sub Total £2.52
Less Product Cost £0.40**
Profit per Portion £2.12
Average Daily Servings 50
Nett Daily Profit £106.00
Selling Days 363
Nett Annual Profit £38,478

*VAT at 15.00%

**Product cost allows for 170 grams ‘tart’ yogurt and disposables

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