Frozen Yogurt - Featured Case Study

Frozen Yogurt is a growing favourite amongst all customer types.Frozen Yogurt – Featured Case Study

But are you aware of the profit potential that selling frozen yogurt offers?

Here we can see directly what frozen yogurt has done for one of our clients at the Cafe Ho Sete based in Surrey.

Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt is unique in our town and when launched it was an instant success particularly as customers loved the freshness and low fat element, this linked with a wide range of toppings attracts both adults and children. Many of our customers are well travelled and have experienced frozen yogurt oversees, and therefore are delighted to be able to purchase this wonderful treat locally, and what’s more dealing with Taylor UK was an absolute pleasure

Jacqueline Pateman-Jones Director

They use a  Taylor model 152 (single flavour, counter-top gravity fed unit) to serve frozen yogurt. You can download the model 152 product specification and related case studies here.

Frozen Yogurt – Profit Projection

Selling Price £2.49
Less VAT £0.49
Sub Total £2.00
Less Product Cost £0.28**
Profit per Portion £1.72
Average Daily Servings 20
Nett Daily Profit £34.40
Selling Days 363
Nett Annual Profit £12,485

*VAT at 20% **Selling price based on a 113 gram portion of plain yogurt

Why not use our profit calculator to work out your own profit projection.

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