Frozen Yogurt Finds the South Coast - South Street Deli

Frozen Yogurt Finds the South Coast – South Street DeliFrozen yogurt comes to a picturesque corner of West Sussex… located in the historic city of Chichester, South Street Deli’s owner, James Scott took the bold move to introduce a little slice of trendy London life to the country…

The delightful city of Chichester on the south coast of England, a regular destination for tourists and visitors alike but is not the first place you’d go looking for frozen yogurt. South Street Deli took the bold move of adding it to their already successful business, giving their regulars and visitors something new and exciting to try.

Frozen Yogurt Finds the South Coast – South Street DeliFrozen Yogurt Finds the South Coast – South Street DeliProprietor of the South Street Deli, James Scott, was considering where the future of their family run shop was going to take them, when he came to the conclusion that a delicatessen promoting the very best of British produce with a focus on quality and service was what the city needed. Following extensive research into the finest cheeses, meats and coffees available, the new business model took shape. Big changes bring big ideas; as part of the new deli concept, James was looking for something new, fresh and different to make them stand out from the rest and to temp the world which was passing by their door every day. Frozen yogurt was the answer.

James made the statement “After seeing the growth of frozen yogurt in London, I couldn’t help but wonder how I could integrate this into our delicatessen as a take away product without detracting from the main focus of the business”.

Frozen Yogurt Finds the South Coast – South Street DeliJames added “With the assistance of Taylor UK, I felt confident that I was on the right track to adding a profitable, healthy product that customers will love. Taylor UK made the process easy with setup and training and ongoing support.”

“We produce vanilla frozen yogurt using the Taylor 152 small counter top machine. It’s easy to use and maintain but most importantly it produces a fine quality and consistent product that our regular customers come back for time again.”

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