Gelato From A Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine


This month’s e-bulletin and home page news has been all about producing delicious ‘home made’ scooped ice creamsGelato From A Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine and gelato’s, however, we fully recognise this is not for everyone due to the availability of space, lack of capital investment or time, if this applies to you then we could have the answer with a very simple cost effective solution allowing you to sell a top quality ice cream or Gelato from a new or existing soft serve machine.

This can be achieved by using a pre-flavoured powder product, namely ‘Speedy Gelato’. With the ground breaking Speedy Gelato range you can now produce artisan ice creams, gelato’s, and sorbets from a soft serve freezer, allowing you to offer your clientèle highly profitable traditional scooped products in addition to soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Gelato From A Soft Serve Ice Cream MachineIt really is as simple as choosing from the 30 fantastic flavours available, ranging from; mango, lemon, peach or strawberry to chocolate, pistachio or hazelnut.

Once you’ve chosen your flavour the mix is prepared through your soft serve machine and dispensed directly into a Napoli container and straight into your dipping cabinet ready for service, after you have finished your gelato production then you have your soft serve machine available for dispensing soft ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Premium brand gelatos and ice creams from the likes of Hagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s and Movenpick will cost on average £4.92 per litre or around 31p per scoop, so with Speedy Gelato costing from just 12p per scoop and RRP’s starting from £1.80 for a cone or £3.95 for a dessert it is easy to see why adding a Taylor Soft Serve machine to your business has just become twice as appealing!!

For example if an ice cream sundae retails at £3.95 and costs around 35p to produce, including 3 scoops of ice cream, you can easily see that by selling just 30 per day over 363 days adding Speedy Gelato to your menu could generate an impressive £32,670 per annum profit, in addition to scooped ice cream cones and soft serve ice cream and yogurt sales!!

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