Gelato From A Soft Serve Machine!

Gelato From A Soft Serve Machine!Would you be interested in offering soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets or traditional gelato, yes we did say Gelato, all from your Taylor soft ice cream machine?

We know it takes some believing but it’s true we can prove it!

It’s really easy really as all you will need is a Taylor machine and the revolutionary ‘Speedy Gelato’ mix. With the launch of the ground breaking ‘Speedy Gelato’ range you can now produce artisan gelatos, frozen yogurt, ice creams and sorbets all from a single soft serve machine, allowing you to offer your customers traditional scooped ice cream, yogurt and sorbet alongside of your soft serve yogurts and whippy ice creams.

The biggest difficultly you will have is choosing from the 30 fantastic flavours available, ranging from; mango, lemon, peach, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio or hazelnut to name but a few………….

Once you’ve chosen your gelato flavour the mix is prepared through your soft serve machine and dispensed directly into Napoli containers, and then straight into your dipping cabinet ready for service, and then afterwards you will have your Taylor machine ready and waiting to produce soft whipped ice creams and frozen yogurts.

Premium brand gelatos and ice creams from companies such as Hagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s and Movenpick will costs on average £4.92 per litre or around 31p per scoop. But the really great news for you is that with ‘Speedy Gelato’ it only costs from just 12p per scoop and with selling prices starting from £1.80 for a cone or £3.95 for a dessert it is easy to see why adding a Taylor Soft Serve machine and Speedy Gelato to your business has just become twice as appealing!!

A gelato sundae selling for £3.95 costs around 35p to produce including 3 scoops of ice cream, so by selling just 30 per day over 363 days of the year adding Speedy Gelato to your menu could generate your business an impressive £32,670.00 per annum profit, in addition to your soft serve sales!!

And did we forget to mention the ice lollies and mono portion desserts that can also be produced?

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