Invest £8K now and earn over £25K in 12 months!

Invest £8K now and earn over £25K in 12 months!We don’t sell soft serve machines

We sell profit making machines!

You think its just a soft serve machine… it’s not. It’s a profit generating machine…

If we asked you to give us £8,000* now promising a return of over £25,000 in twelve months, you’d think we were crazy and in most cases that would be true. But…

Investing that £8,000* in a Taylor soft serve machine could generate you over £25K every year for the life of the machine.

Lets break it down….

Invest £8K now and earn over £25K in 12 months!The average selling price of a 3.5oz soft ice cream cone is £2.50. Once you remove the VAT (42p) and average product costs (30p) it gives you a profit per portion of £1.78

Sell 50 ice cream cones a day for £2.50 a cone, you’ll make £89.00 in profit every day.

Based on 300 trading days a year, you’ll make £26,700.00 in profit** a year!

With a little imagination and flair, you can increase that profit even further!

Try our profit calculator to work out your own profit based on your own selling price, portions per day and trading days per year:

Try Out Our Profit Calculator

A return on your investment in less than 4 months!

Invest £8K now and earn over £25K in 12 months!If you’re making £89.00 in profit every day selling ice cream cones, you’ll make back your £8,000 investment in only 90 days!

From then on everything is profit!**

If you know of a better investment scheme, please let us know!

With some regular preventative maintenance, your Taylor soft serve machine should continue making you this level of profit for many many years to come! (We have customers who have been using the same machine for well over ten years!)

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Payment terms to suit you…

Option 1 – Pay in full

Option 2 – Split Payments – 50% at time of order, 30% after 30 days from delivery, and the remaining 20% after 60 days from delivery.

Option 3 – Lease Options – spread the cost of your investment over a period to suit you with a lease agreement with Kennet Leasing.

However you choose to pay, you’ll get the same great service from the team at Taylor UK.

Included with every Taylor Soft Serve Machine…

  • Delivery to you business, we’ll even lift the equipment onto your prepared work surface if it’s a countertop machine.
  • Installation and set up by one of our fully Taylor accredited technicians
  • Operator training for you and your staff (carried out at time of installation)
  • 3 cases of Jersey Gold Ice Cream Mix
  • Starter pack of cones, tubs, topping sauces and sprinkles from Nic Foods

What are you waiting for?

Make an enquiry today… call 0800 838 896, email or fill in one of our enquiry forms to arrange a call back from your local sales manager who’ll get you selling ice creams in no time!

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*£8,000 is the average cost of a Taylor soft serve machine (May 2024). Some machines are cheaper, some are more expensive. Please make an enquiry for exact pricing for the machine ideal for your business circumstances.
**Profit before operational costs (power, staff, maintenance etc.)


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