ISA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Since 1963, ISA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration have been a force to be recognised, not only for their focus on research and development, ISA Celebrates 50th Anniversaryexperience in building top quality cabinets, equipment reliability, outstanding design, but for their commitment to sustainability by taking action to minimise the impact on the environment in reducing the CO2 emissions from their activities. In return for this commitment it has provided them with the UNI ISO 14064 certification, which guarantees the truthfulness of the quantities stated and the validity of the ‘Greenhouse Gases’ reporting and monitoring system, which is a fine accolade and testament to modalities adopted by ISA.

ISA Celebrates 50th AnniversaryOver the years ISA have deservedly attained a leading position within food, drink and the commercial refrigeration market place, precisely because they have gained a profound understanding of the people who work in these fields resulting in a winning partnership with many ‘High Street’ global accounts and industrial suppliers, such as Tesco, Coca Cola, Unilever, Coop and Nestlé’s to name but a few, and most importantly ISA always say “our clients represent us, they are all great, and they are all important, because, irrespective of how famous they are, they all view quality as their foremost consideration” unquote.

As a major distributor of the ISA product range we at Taylor UK congratulate them on their past success and wish them well for the next 50 years as they continue to expand, develop and innovate new generations of refrigerated display equipment.

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