Jargon or Gibberish - Heat Treat Machine Closing Procedure

Do you have a Taylor self pasteurising, 14 day clean soft serve freezer, thick shake machine or combination sundae machine?

Do you go through the correct closing procedure at the end of every day?

Jargon or Gibberish – Heat Treat Machine Closing ProcedureFollowing these simple steps will ensure that your Taylor machine maintains the highest standards of hygiene throughout it’s period of operation and may help prevent avoidable heat cycle failures.

These steps are based on the Taylor C606 shake/sundae combination machine, but the principle can be applied to all Taylor heat treatment machines including the C708, C709 soft serve freezers and PH61 thick shake machines.

Step 1

Ensure BOTH sides of the machine are in the AUTO or STANDBY modes.

  1. Jargon or Gibberish – Heat Treat Machine Closing ProcedureRemove the hopper covers, shake cup holder, splash shield and ALL drip pans.
  2. Touch the CALIBRATION symbol to stop the hopper agitator movement for 10 seconds. With clean, sanitised hands remove the agitator paddle from the mix hoppers.
  3. Remove the restrictor cap from the milkshake door spout.
  4. Jargon or Gibberish – Heat Treat Machine Closing ProcedureTake all of the removed items to a clean sink area. Clean and sanitise these items.
  5. On the shake side, sanitise the white syrup hole plugs.
  6. Fill a small container with sanitiser solution.

Step 2

  1. Jargon or Gibberish – Heat Treat Machine Closing ProcedureRemove the black drip trays from the front, side and rear panels of the machine.
  2. Clean the drip trays using warm soapy water.
  3. Reinstall the drip trays in their correct positions.
  4. Reinstall the front drip tray and splash shield.

Step 3

Jargon or Gibberish – Heat Treat Machine Closing ProcedureMake sure your hands are clean and sanitised.

  1. Reinstall the hopper agitator paddle onto the drive shaft in each of the mix hoppers.
  2. Top up each of the mix hoppers with FRESH MIX up to the fill level on the agitator paddle. NOTE: If you do not replace the agitator paddle or top up the mix level, the machine will fail the heat cycle and will lock out.
  3. Replace the clean and sanitised hopper covers.

Step 4

  1. Jargon or Gibberish – Heat Treat Machine Closing ProcedureOn shake machines, remove the syrup lines from the freezer door.
  2. With an empty bucket below the milkshake door spout, dip the small brush into the sanitising solution and brush clean the syrup ports in the freezer door, the door spout, the bottom of the driven spinner, the spinner blade and the syrup line fittings. NOTE: To assure sanitary conditions are maintained, brush clean each item for a total of 60 seconds, repeatedly dipping the brush in the sanitising solution.
  3. Jargon or Gibberish – Heat Treat Machine Closing ProcedureWith the syrup port brush, brush each syrup port hole 10-15 times. Dip the brush in sanitising solution before moving on to the next port.
  4. Repeat this step for the ice cream dispense door.

Step 5

  1. Jargon or Gibberish – Heat Treat Machine Closing ProcedureFill the squeeze bottle with sanitising solution. With an empty bucket beneath the door, insert the tube end of the squeeze bottle in to the syrup port and squeeze the bottle firmly forcing sanitiser out of the adjacent port and down the spinner. NOTE: This procedure should be performed for at least 10 seconds per port.
  2. Replace the clean, sanitised restrictor cap on to the door spout.
  3. Install the syrup port plugs into the syrup ports on the freezer door and fix in place with the retainer pins to ensure they are secure.

Step 6

  1. Jargon or Gibberish – Heat Treat Machine Closing ProcedureWith a clean sanitised cloth, wipe all of the external surfaces of the freezer doors, front panel, the area around the bottom of the freezer door and any areas that may have a build up of either moisture or food substance.
  2. Ensure that the machine is in either the AUTO or STANDBY mode.
  3. The machine can now be left over night.

In the morning, ensure that the machine has completed it’s heat cycle correctly and is not showing any faults.

Re-sanitise all of the surfaces of the machine paying particular attention to the areas around the dispense doors and draw valves. Reconnect the syrup lines on the shake machines.

If the unit is in STANDBY, press the AUTO button to activate the freezing cycle ready for service.

For any service related enquiries or to place an order for replacement consumables, call the Taylor UK Customer Service and Support Centre on 0845 601 2312 or email 

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