Looking for Healthier Sales?

Looking for Healthier Sales?Consumers are demanding healthy, nutritious and tasty beverages, which is why fruit smoothie sales have significantly increased in recent years. More and more consumers are interested in not only having healthier food and drinks but having something that tastes really good and smoothies do just that as they taste delicious and at the same time are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. “Richard Drane Managing Director at Taste Trends, a leading supplier of smoothie mix, says sales of smoothies are expected to rocket in the next few years. Their Coolicious brand has been specifically developed to make it easy to serve real fruit, frozen smoothies in a wide variety of locations, with a Taylor machine being ideal to vend smoothies in busy outlets who require fast service and consistent quality. Coolicious fruit smoothie is a blend of raspberry, strawberry, red currant and black currant purees branded Very Berry” Looking for Healthier Sales?Satisfy your customer’s cravings for fruit smoothies by adding a smoothie machine from Taylor UK to your business, adding new sales opportunities and improving your bottom line, and with us on your side you will experience all of the benefits of dealing with the market leader in frozen beverages. Our most popular beverage machine is the Taylor model 430 and ideal for smoothies, thick shakes, slush, frozen cocktails, tea or iced coffee. It is simple to operate and it will let you know when your mix is running low so you never miss a sale, plus you don’t have to worry about the consistency of your product as our machine automatically ensures a high-quality drink every time. Take a look at a typical return on your investment:

Selling price (10ozs) £2.95
Less VAT £0.59
Subtotal £2.36
Less product/disposable cost £0.45
Nett profit per drink £1.91
Sell on average 30 smoothies a day over a 6 day week
Average daily profit £57.30
Selling days 300
Nett profit annual profit  £17,190

  Based on this assumption you would obtain a return on your capital investment in just 4 months. Or you could talk to us about spreading the cost over 3 years through a lease rental programme. For more information visit our website, e-mail us at or call us for free on 0800 838896

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