Pizza Ovens for a Takeaway Resturant

Do you want to serve pizzas that not only taste better but are cooked quicker? Well now you can with one of TurboChef’s pizza ovens.

TurboChef High h 2620 Conveyor Oven:

Pizza Ovens for a Takeaway Resturant

This is the TurboChef High H 2620 Conveyor oven , it is for seriously busy takeaways and pizzerias. Just how busy can you be with one of these ovens? Try 56 12” per hour. Not enough? You can stack these three high and triple your output.

This rapid cook impingement conveyor oven requires one 32 amp three phase supply for its power and delivers not just quick pizzas but good pizzas. This oven practically guarantees consistent quality for your customers. Perfect for the busy takeaway, pizzeria, bar, restaurant, kiosk or bistro – it won’t let you down.

TurboChef High h 2020 Conveyor Oven

Pizza Ovens for a Takeaway Resturant

The TurboChef High H 2020 Conveyor Oven is of a similarly high capacity, but with lower energy consumption. Again it can be stacked 3 high and is powered with a single 32 amp three-phase power supply. Ensures perfect delivery of a variety of items with its 8 item programmable memory.

TurboChef FIRE Artisan Pizza Oven

Pizza Ovens for a Takeaway Resturant

For those producing Artisan pizzas we have the TurboChef FIRE Artisan Pizza Oven. This high temperature convection oven is perfect for delivering consistently great pizzas in minutes.

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