Model 430 Equipment Focus

Are you looking for Healthier and Profitable Sales Opportunities?

Our experience continues to show that Model 430 Equipment Focusconsumers are continuing to demand healthy and tasty beverages, which is why smoothies’ sales have doubled in recent years. Just take a look at those retailers around you who sell ‘off the shelf’ products or blend delicious, mouth watering, smoothies from a soft serve machine. The latter is often made with frozen yogurt as a base mix with the addition of fresh fruit making the beverage truly scrumptious, and full of antitoxins and vitamins.

You can not only satisfy your customer’s cravings for smoothies by partnering with Taylor UK, but you can you can also significantly improve your turnover and profitability.

An ideal machine for selling smoothies, or thick shakes, ice tea, slush or frozen cocktails come to that is the Taylor model 430 with many great features, namely:

Easy to operate and clean

  • Mix low warning light lets you know when the smoothies mix is running low to ensure

you never miss a sale.

  • No need to worry about product consistency as the Automatic Consistency Control ensures a high quality product every time.
  • Equipment branding option to create excitement and interest in the product being sold
  • The machine will operate from a dedicated 13 amp power supply.

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