Not just for burgers… (But it does do them really well too!)

Not just for burgers… (But it does do them really well too!)Taylor takes grilling to the next level…

or side…? Two sides in fact!

With a long standing partnership with most of the major US fast food chains, the Taylor Company has been a US market leader when it comes to fast cooking and grilling. Now, they have released the newest carnation of their amazing clamshell grill technology to the UK market with the launch of the L-series of grills.

With Taylor; it’s not all just about getting things cold, we do ‘HOT’ just as well!

With over thirty years of experience in the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) sector cooking burger patties for the masses in 90 seconds for most of the major US fast food chains throughout the US, Taylor is the ‘go-to’ company when it comes to high speed grilling!

The ‘Flat-top grill’ is an integral part of most fast food operations, casual dining restaurants, concession stands and buffet restaurants to name a few. Taylor has taken the concept of the flat top grill to the next level with the design of its clamshell grills; the ability to cook the product from both sides not only makes the cooking process faster, it makes it far more consistent; maintaining product quality whilst reducing wastage.

A 4oz frozen beef patty takes 90 seconds on a Taylor L-series grill!

With a cook time of just 90 seconds for up to eight frozen quarter pounder patties at time on the smallest version and twenty four on the largest model operators no longer need to hot hold products like they used to. This reduces the need for multiple pieces of equipment which in turn reduces energy costs.

Not just for burgers… (But it does do them really well too!)Dave Rees; Taylor UK’s resident chef says “These days consumers are far more discerning, they are looking for quality a lot more by cooking more items to order, the operator can supply that by offering freshly made products in a fraction of the time that it used to.”

Not just for burgers… (But it does do them really well too!)It’s not just about cooking burgers….

The Taylor Clamshell grill can be used in a variety of different ways, open like a regular flat grill giving the operator the ability to cook all of their regular favourites like hash browns but with the programmability of the grill the operator can create cooking profiles allowing the grill to cook everything from pancakes & bacon to grilled salmon & prawns with all of the usual suspects like; steaks, chicken breasts, burgers, chops in there as well.

If you can cook it on a regular grill, skillet or frying pan you can cook it on a Taylor L-series clamshell grill!

The operator has finite control over the grills performance, controlling the grill temperature, the cooking time and the precise gap between the cooking surfaces ensuring that the perfect level of pressure is achieved each time to make the perfect cook regardless of the operator, eliminating those inconsistent results which you sometimes get with flat grills.

The pneumatic control of the upper platen can smash a burger for that rustic hand pressed look or is gentle enough to sensitively sit on a piece of salmon grilling it to perfection. Alternatively the gap can be set so the upper platen hovers just above the product to gently cook the top surface – ideal for ‘eggs over easy’.

Dave Rees concludes; If you’re a small operator looking to cook a few burgers and some breakfast items throughout the day, the Taylor clamshell grills are not necessarily for you. But if you have an operation which needs to get food out fast, have periods of high impact where regular cooking platforms cannot keep up or want to have the ability to cook great food quickly to order. The Taylor grills could be the perfect addition to your business!”

For more information on the Taylor range of clamshell grills or any of the products which Taylor UK sells, contact our sales office on 0800 838 869 or email us at for more information.

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