Prática Combination Ovens

Take a look at our range of variable steam control ovens. The Prática Combination Ovens are exclusive to Taylor UK.


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Prática Combination Ovens

Pratica EC3

Pratica EC3 3-Grid Combination Oven

Prática was founded in 1991 and quickly became world renowned for flexible commercial ovens with a huge focus on quality. Every aspect of the ovens has been though through to deliver the best end-user and customer experience possible.

How the ovens work

The Prática Gourmet Line ovens combine fan assisted hot air and boiler generated steam injection to give the operator great flexibility in a cooking platform that can cook almost anything. The self reversing fan system ensures even heat distribution throughout the cook chamber whilst the 4-point temperature probe cooks menu items perfectly.

Pratica Combination Oven Functions

Features include:

  • Full size 1/1 GN tray compatibility – the ovens can accommodate any full size 1/1 Gastronorm trays, grills, grids and pans. No specialist trays or racks are required.
  • Stainless steel construction – ensures durability and reliability.
  • Pratica EC3.2 Twin Combi Oven

    Pratica EC3.2 Twin Combination Oven

    Double glazed & tempered glass door – reduces unnecessary heat loss whilst still allowing the operator visual access to the oven.
  • Boiler generated steam system – creating reliable, consistent steam throughout the cooking process. The boiler drains at the end of operation to prevent any stale water accumulating in the system.
  • Multi-point probe –  accurate control of the internal temperature of the food item whilst cooking in ‘probe controlled’ cooking modes.

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Oven functions:

  • Pratica EC6

    Pratica EC6 10-Grid Combination Oven

    Hot air – bake or roast at any temperature from 30 to 250ºC.
  • Combined heat/steam – precisely control the oven temperature and percentage of steam.
  • Cooking steam – cook at 98ºC with 100%
  • Plain steam – adjust the temperature between 30 to 100ºC with static steam.
  • Re-generation – temperature adjustment between 90 to 130ºC with steam control.
  • Programmable – store up to 16 unique cooking profiles, each with 8 steps.
  • Grill – crisp and brown dishes with the internal element (EC3 & EC3.2 only).
  • Rapid cool down – quickly drops the temperature of the cooking chamber to allow the oven to switch between cooking modes easily (EC6 only).
  • Semi-auto cleaning – the assisted cleaning mode automatically steams and rinses the oven. No special cleaning chemicals are required. The external rise hose helps remove the more stubborn grime.

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Prática Combination Ovens
Pratica Gourmet Line Combination Ovens on ES9 Hot Cupboard

Pratica Gourmet Line Combination Ovens on the Pratica ES9 Hot Cupboard

Steam Combination Technology – vary the steam percentage between 0 and 100%.
Energy Efficient – Prática ovens use less energy – better for the environment and your bills.
Multiple Recipe Settings – Make customer favourites perfect every time with upto 16 recipes of 8 steps each.
Chamber Temperature – Set the internal chamber temperature between 30 and 250 degrees Celsius.
Simple Control Panel – 7 Pre-set modes ready programmed: hot air, combi steam, full steam cook, bain-marie (steamer), regeneration, grill and semi-auto cleaning.
Semi-Auto Cleaning Cycle – the assisted cleaning mode automatically steams and rinses the oven. No special cleaning chemicals are required. The external rise hose helps remove the more stubborn grime.
Pratica EC3 control panel
 (Prática EC3 control panel shown)

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