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Eloma Backmaster EB30 MT with Water Tank

The little professional for great baking results – ANYWHERE!

The Eloma Backmaster EB30 MT with water tank is the perfect baking solution for small supermarkets, convenience stores, delis, cafes, coffee shops, garage forecourt cafes and many more applications who don’t have access to a fresh water supply.

Backmaster ovens are precise convection ovens with programable steam injection designed to bake dough and pastry products to perfection. The oven can be programmed with cooking profiles to ensure accurate, consistent baking results regardless of the operator. Perfect for multi-site operators looking to ensure consistency across their estate.

Eloma Backmaster EB30 ovens are a compact baking solution. They feature a cooking chamber which accommodates standard BN43 baking trays (400 x 300mm). Three trays can be baked at the same time and gap between shelves is 85mm. This allows sufficient room to allow products like croissants and bread rolls to rise without touching the tray above.

The Eloma Backmaster EB30 is available in an XL version which can be used with full size BN63 baking sheets (600 x 400 mm) for operators who need a bit more capacity. Contact us for more information.

Features of the Eloma Backmaster EB30 MT with water tank include:

Automatic door release – the door of the Backmaster can open automatically at the end of the baking cycle to prevent over cooking.

Great baking results – controlled steam injection ensures precise results for each product. The oven automatically adds a resting period after the humidification process to ensure consistent results.

Eloma MT-Technology – the touchscreen controls are easy to navigate. Cooking can be performed by selecting one of the pre-set programs or using the manual mode. The multi-cook function lets the operator bake different products at the same time, each with different timers. Up to 400 cooking profiles can be saved on the oven, each with specific temperature, humidity and time parameters.

Baking with a view – the Backmaster features a large glass door which allows the operator to monitor the baking process but also allows customers to see the product, adding theatre and anticipation to your business.

Technical specifications:

External dimensions – 600 (w) x 620 (d) x 530 (h) mm

Power – Single phase 230v/50hz/1ph, 3.6kW (16amp) or three phase 400v/50hz/3ph, 5.6kW (3x 10amp)

Water connections – the onboard water tank holds 1.8L of filtered water, the unit requires a waste connection or container to collect condensation run off.

Cleaning – manual with guided instructions

Door opening – the Backmaster EB30 with water tank can be ordered with either a left or right opening door.

Additional accessories:

Support stands and legs – Backmaster ovens can be mounted on a counter or bolted to a stand.

Condensation hood – Backmaster ovens can be fitted with a condensation steam hood to trap any steam and vapours created during the cooking process.

Specialist cooking trays – Eloma supply a range of cookware designed to maximise the capabilities of the Backmaster ovens. Options include non-stick perforated baking trays, aluminium ‘hot spot’ trays for baking pizzas, and more.

Eloma trays and accessories are available to buy online, go to to see the full range.

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Eloma Backmaster EB30 MT
Eloma Backmaster EB30 MTEloma Backmaster EB30 MTEloma Backmaster EB30 MTEloma Backmaster EB30 MTEloma Backmaster EB30 MT
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