Product Review - '14 Day Clean' Machines

Product Review – ’14 Day Clean’ MachinesWhat is a self pasteurising machine?

In today’s busy food service industry an issue for many is the allocation of staff’s time to clean equipment.

To help with this and save staff / operators time Taylor UK have a range of soft serve ice cream and thick shake machines which only need a full clean every 14 days or 26 times per year. These machines are typically called heat treatment or self-pasteurising machines, the technology assures product safety and eliminates the need for daily cleaning.Product Review – ’14 Day Clean’ Machines

Thanks to the heat treatment system, the mixture and all parts that are in contact with it are completely pasteurized at 65°C overnight, without having to dismantle the machine. The process takes around 90 minutes and the equipment is ready to operate when staff arrive in the morning for work.  This process can be programmed by one of Taylor UK’s 30+ engineers upon delivery and installation, so no further interaction is needed to the process. This results in longer maintenance intervals and less downtime due to cleaning but most importantly saving time for the staff.

Cleaning features are very important, since no one wants to waste unnecessary soft serve mix but also keeping the machine clean at the end of every business day. Heating treatments are a bonus, but what you really want to see is easy access to the machine and minimal equipment to worry about accumulating dirt and taking up staff’s time. The unit only requires a simple wipe down of the external components on a daily basis and a complete ‘dismantle and brush clean’ at the end of the fourteenth day.

Heat treatment machines great but are not necessarily suitable for all operators; they are perfect for those who have a large throughput of product on a daily basis. If the same mix remains in the machine over few days, the heating process can cause the mix to degrade and produce an inferior finished product. If you don’t have a high throughput, then a three day machine would be better for you.

Product Review – ’14 Day Clean’ Machines

Taylor PH61 Four Flavour Thick Shake Machine

Within the Taylor range of heat treating machines are the gravity feed C709, pump feed C708. These flexible counter top units can also be mounted on an optional cart to make it a floor standing model on castors, and with its heat treatment system this machine will exceed your profit expectations. We also manufacture a twin twist pump feed C716 soft ice cream machine allowing you to dispense 2 flavours with the option of a twist of the 2 flavours.

Within our thick shake equipment range we stock two heat treatment machines the PH61 and the C606 combination machine, these are used by some of the world’s largest QSR’s globally.

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