Product Review - Does soft serve have to be dairy ice cream?

Product Review – Does soft serve have to be dairy ice cream?

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The simple answer is no!

Whilst we all know and love the classic ‘Mr Whippy’ style of soft ice cream, that’s found in almost every town, tourist attraction and seaside destination the length and breadth of the country, there is a new breed of product starting to adorn the market place. It looks very much like a traditional soft serve ice cream and it’s served in exactly the same way; either on a cone, in a tub, as a sundae, or even complementing other dessert products such as hot apple pie. You can even create your own knickerbocker glories, however the products are not made from the same ingredients of traditional ice cream!

With so many new trends, dietary requirements and ethical views bouncing around the high street, the food service sector is wide open to new ideas and products as there’s always plenty of customers about wanting to be the first to try the next big thing…

Product Review – Does soft serve have to be dairy ice cream?

Frozen Yogurt

So, what are these alternative products made from?

The most popular soft serve products that are not predominantly dairy are…

Frozen yogurt – a healthier alternative to traditional ice cream, typically made from natural yogurt and sometimes containing pro-biotics. Generally, frozen yogurt products are both low in fat and have a lower or even zero sugar content.

Product Review – Does soft serve have to be dairy ice cream?

Soft Ice Cream

Frozen custard – not the custard you pour over your deserts at home, but a high fat ice cream product that is truly indulgent, unlike the frozen yogurt, there is some guilt attached to this product!

Vegetarian soft serve – This product is generally made in the same way as normal soft serve, but the cows milk is substituted with either Soya or Almond milk and the fats are usually palm or coconut based.

Coco Whip™ – This type of soft serve is predominantly made from coconut milk/water with pre and pro biotics and is aimed at the vegan market as it contains no animal products what so ever. Popular in Australia, but it is beginning to make its way to the UK.

Product Review – Does soft serve have to be dairy ice cream?

Flavor Blend

Lemon ice – If you’re from the North of England or have been there on holiday, you may very well have seen this product described as the ‘Lemon top’. A lemon sorbet soft serve product that’s dispensed on top of a vanilla soft serve ice cream, a fantastic combination.

 As you can see there are many different variants as soft serve can come in many different guises; perfect to suit all palette’s and dietary lifestyle preferences and naturally they can all be dispensed from a Taylor soft serve machine.

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