Product Review - Taylor 430 Frozen Cocktails

Product Review – Taylor 430 Frozen CocktailsThe Taylor 430 – helps the epidemic of Brain Freeze…

What drink have you recently been toasting? 

A pint of beer maybe? Or perhaps a of glass wine or even a simple glass of juice?  What about a frozen cocktail…

Britain is currently in the throes of a love affair with everything frozen, from margaritas to alcoholic slushies, with demand so high that most of Britain must be walking around with brain freeze!

Is your business making the most of this highly sought after drink?Product Review – Taylor 430 Frozen Cocktails

With sales on the up and up, it makes complete sense to relieve some of the pressure from your bar staff who have to prepare all the cocktails by hand, giving them more time to talk to customers and make more transactions… Introduce a Taylor 430 to your bar; simply create a recipe that is poured into the machine and hey presto, in minutes you have perfectly frozen cocktails that can then be dispensed consistently and quickly by simply pulling on a handle – no measuring, no pouring, no blending!

The Taylor model 430 is the perfect addition to any business looking to add value to their drinks menus and is used throughout the UK in bars, clubs, restaurants, bistros and events.

Product Review – Taylor 430 Frozen Cocktails

So how about a Blueberry Julep – Sugar, Mint, Blueberry Juice, Bourbon

Or the more well known Margaritas – Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime juice, Sour mix (don’t forget the salt rim and lime wedge for garnish)

The 430 will dispense a perfect cocktail in seconds, or even serve ten or more in just a couple of minutes – compare this to 3 minutes per cocktail when a bar person has to do it, add in a busy evening of customers and you can soon see why this valuable piece of kit is now becoming a very important profit making machine amongst busy operators.


For more information on the Taylor 430, call the Taylor UK sales office on 0800 838 896 or email

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