Speedy Gelato from a Taylor Soft Serve Machine

Speedy Gelato from a Taylor Soft Serve MachineGelato

Gelato is an appealing food, characterised for its superior quality and intense flavour. It is similar to ice cream but with a lower fat content; typically 0% fat for sorbets, 6-8% fat for most Gelato flavours compared to the 15-20% fat found in standard ice creams.

Gelato Equipment

Traditional gelato production requires a significant investment in terms of both time and money with space being a limiting factor. Usually, a dedicated kitchen area is required to hold a pasteuriser, batch freezer, holding cabinet and a dipping cabinet for serving.

The required level of investment is often a significant barrier to new entrants.

Gelato Solution

A Taylor soft serve machine, with a specific easy to use mix, that can easily produce an ‘express gelato‘ which can be served in a variety of ways.

straight to cones or cups

dispensed into a Napoli to serve scooped

made into desserts

The new ‘Speedy’ range of mixes offers over 30 ready to use gelato flavours.

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