Thick Shakes - Case Study

Thick Shakes – Case StudyRocky’s

Taylor’s has a great track record in the industry and they came highly recommended, and we were pleased with their support and advice. The quality of the machines have been exceptional and the backup service second to none, which has installed confidence in our minds for both the brand and for the company itself.
Sue Khanna (Owner)

Thick Shakes– Profit Projection

Selling Price £1.25
Less VAT* Nil*
Sub Total £1.25
Less Product Cost £0.28**
Profit per Portion £0.97
Average Daily Servings 30
Nett Daily Profit £29.10
Selling Days 360
Nett Annual Profit £10.476

*No VAT on Takeaway

**Product cost allows for 8oz portion

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