Top Story - A combination of cooking...

Top Story – A combination of cooking…Meadow Brown Restaurant is set in Ferry Meadows the Country Park at the heart of Nene Park. The lakes, meadows, woodlands and riverside make it a favourite destination for many visitors throughout the year. Ferry Meadows offers the wide range of activities and at the centre is Meadow Brown Restaurant offering a range of food and beverages making it the perfect location after a day’s activities.Top Story – A combination of cooking…

As a long standing Taylor UK soft serve customer, Raj Regmi the owner of Meadow Brown Restaurants, was looking for a cooking solution to replace their old convection oven and to increase the cooking capacity of their kitchen. After receiving one of Taylor UK’s marketing emails introducing the new range of Prática combination ovens a meeting was set up with Paul Richards, their local Taylor UK area sales manager.

Top Story – A combination of cooking…

Pratica EC3 Combination Oven

Paul explained the difference between the customers’ existing convection oven and the new Prática combination ovens; a combi oven is an oven with three basic functions; convection, steam and a combination of heat and steam. The Prática ovens also have a 4 point temperature probe for controlling the internal temperature of the food, generation of steam through a boiler with automatic draining system and the ability to program up to sixteen individual cooking recipes.

In the convection mode, the oven circulates dry heat – ideal for pastries and breads and roasting items. The steam mode allows the oven to poach fish, rice and vegetables. But the true genius behind the Prática ovens is the combination mode which uses both heat and steam to maintain exact humidity levels, giving you more control of the moisture levels in food being cooked. These levels are adjustable from 0% to 100% steam maintaining exactly the desired atmosphere, reducing product shrinkage and weight loss while also improving cook times and results.

Top Story – A combination of cooking…A combination oven can:

  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Save time and labour
  • Deliver consistent cooking results
  • Help create new dishes
  • Be more energy efficient

Paul continued that Prática ovens are new to the UK this year and Taylor UK will be stocking the most popular models and offering full parts and service back up 364 days a year with Taylor UK’s 33 fully trained engineers.

Taylor UK installed the Prática EC3 in early March 2016 and since then Raj commented “The value of the Prática oven for me lies in a

Top Story – A combination of cooking…

Pratica EC3 with optional ES9 hot cabinet

combination of its qualities. The EC3 not only cooks the food to perfection, but the reheating ability is second to none. This is particularly useful for the pies, with the pastry coming out as crisp when reheated as when first cooked. No soggy bottoms for my pies!”

Raj added: “I’m now looking to purchase a second oven for another site and I’d have no problem recommending the range of Prática ovens to any potential customers.”

Raj continued; “Having 16 programmes on the oven and the semi-automatic cleaning cycle with external rinse hose makes the ovens not only easy to use and versatile but easy to clean as well.”

“Our oven is the workhorse of the kitchen, without it we would be in trouble. So we have to rely on someone who knows what they are doing and who can do it as soon as possible. That’s why we choose Taylor UK, they’re always reliable and professional” concluded Raj.

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