Top Story - We're forever growing bubbles...

Top Story – We’re forever growing bubbles…Internet auctions are fine, but where’s the back up when it goes wrong?

Theo Foster, owner of Bubblicious in Birmingham had a dream to open a top quality dessert parlour offering a wide range of desserts at a competitive price back in 2013.

Top Story – We’re forever growing bubbles…Theo finally opened Bubblicious for the first time in 2014. The concept was to provide the people of Birmingham with high end ‘artisanal’ thick shakes, sundaes, Belgian waffles, crepes and gelato.

Top Story – We’re forever growing bubbles…Being a new venture and a sole trader, Theo had to open the shop on a tight budget. Much of the original equipment was purchased from online auction websites as this was the most cost effective option at the time. But after as short time, the second hand equipment started to give the guys at Bubblicious reliability issues and the biggest problem was finding service engineers who were either able or prepared to maintain the refrigerated equipment for them.

Top Story – We’re forever growing bubbles…Equipment reliability aside, Bubblicious continued to grow both the business and their reputation in the dessert market to the point that they decided to look for larger premises to move in to so that they could cope with the increase in demand for their products.

Theo found a suitable site in Hawthorn Road, Birmingham. Since they had been operating for a number of years, they wanted to iron out the issues which they experienced with the second-hand equipment and buy new refrigerated display cabinets from a company which could fully maintain the equipment going forward.

Theo searched the internet for potential suppliers and quickly found Taylor UK. Following a initial conversation with the sales office, a meeting was set up with Paul Richards, Taylor UK’s local Area Sales Manager who visited the site to discuss exactly what was needed. After a long and informative discussion, Paul advised Theo of all of the different options that ISA have and made recommendations accordingly, taking in to consideration the space available, cabinet style and ultimately cost.

Theo decided that a new gelato display cabinet and gelato storage freezer was needed. He opted for a ISA Millennium SP20 professional gelato display cabinet with curved glass upper structures which would showcase their ice cream, gelato and sorbets in the best way possible, maximising both visual impact and sales. Theo also ordered an ISA Labor storage freezer which is specifically designed to store standard 5 litre napolis containers (it can hold up to 66 at temperatures below -20°C) making it the perfect back of house storage unit for maximising the space available.

Top Story – We’re forever growing bubbles…

ISA Labor

After delivery and installation, Theo commented “Taylor’s have a great reputation in the industry and they came highly recommended after researching them on the internet. We were pleased with their support and advice. The quality of the machines have been exceptional and the backup service second to none. So all the issues we had in the original shop have been ironed out, leaving us to concentrate on growing the business”

Check out Bubblicious yourself, they can be found at: Bubblicious, 134 Hawthorn Road, Birmingham, B44 8PX

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