Top Story - Il Dolce 'Truly Authentic' Gelato

Located in the heart of Slough, right on the busy high street, Danny Saadany opened his ambitious Il Dolce gelato parlour in October 2014. Serving authentic,Top Story – Il Dolce ‘Truly Authentic’ Gelato traditional gelato which is freshly made on the premises.

Il Dolce is located on Slough high street opposite Debenhams, with its unique retro interior decor and revamped Vespa styled seating it’s the perfect setting for you and your family to indulge in some healthy tasty treats. Customers also benefit from free WiFi and private parties can be catered for with delicious birthday cakes made to order.

Danny carried out a lot research before commissioning Taylor UK’s ISA project department to carry out the design and build of his new Ice Cream Parlour. Taylor’s Top Story – Il Dolce ‘Truly Authentic’ Gelatoreputation as a leader within the ice cream market counted for a lot; after an initial consultation and being provided with the rendered shop design, Danny felt secure that dealing with a company of Taylor’s size was the right choice. With the after sales back up and ongoing customer support, he knew he had made the right choice.

After the final design was agreed Taylor UK organised for Danny to visit the ISA Factory in Perugia to meet with his architect and run through the final plans. Whilst in Italy, Taylor UK also arranged for Danny to attend the Frigomat ‘Gelato Professional School’, where he learnt all about the Frigomat by Taylor range of Gelato machines and attended the 3 day Gelato Chefs course where he was taught to make truly authentic Italian gelato.Top Story – Il Dolce ‘Truly Authentic’ Gelato

Il Dolce opened in October 2014, Taylor UK supplied much of the key equipment including all of the counters and refrigerated displays which were manufactured by ISA, exactly to Danny’s specification and design needs. Taylor also supplied the Frigomat pasteuriser and batch freezers which they use to manufacture their homemade gelato on the premises.

Top Story – Il Dolce ‘Truly Authentic’ GelatoDanny spotted a gap in the market, to make Authentic Italian Gelato and fresh cakes on his premises at IL Dolce. Whilst other Ice cream Parlours sell ice cream, Danny identified there were very few parlours making their own fresh gelato using genuine Italian recipes, and has styled his parlour in a traditional Italian theme, to give his customers a taste of Italy … in Slough.



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