Top Story - Krispy Kreme is shaking it up!

Top Story – Krispy Kreme is shaking it up!Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee are well known for their indulgent, delicious treats, offering sixteen sumptuous doughnut varieties, each freshly baked each day and filled, topped, glazed and decorated by hand we all know where to go for the best doughnut around… and of course you can’t enjoy a good donut without great coffee, so they had it all covered!

In an effort to keep things fresh and demonstrate to their customer base that they are always looking to add to their product range the Krispy Kreme team decided to offer their customers a cool drink for those summer months when coffee doesn’t quite hit the spot, something as indulgent as the doughnuts and a little more individual than a can of pop.

Top Story – Krispy Kreme is shaking it up!Thick shake was the natural choice, creamy, delicious and with a great base that the operation teams add flavours and inclusions to they had their answer but how should they serve it, the team wanted all of the indulgence but speed of service was also a concern, the natural choice was a thick shake machine.

Taylor UK were able to offer a small footprint, counter top thick shake freezer that runs from a simple 13 ampTop Story – Krispy Kreme is shaking it up! socket to produce exactly what the Krispy Kreme team wanted, the Taylor UK team even managed to get the machines built with a flavour spinner attached to the side to help with that speed of service focus…and so the Kreme Shake was born in a variety of delicious flavours; Caramel Crunch, Chocolate Dreamshake, Coffee Kreme and Strawberries & Cream are the stables of a shake menu that Krispy Kreme plan to change and add to dependant on seasons and occasions.

Krispy Kreme Head of Operations, Lee Leadbeatter, has stated that adding a Taylor thick shake machine to their business has allowed them to provide their customers with a new product where they felt they had a gap in their cold drinks business and has provided new and existing loyal customers an additional reason to visit stores more often while attracting a new crowd and adding to their product range.

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