How to Stop Your Frozen Machine from Blowing a Fuse?

How to Stop Your Frozen Machine from Blowing a Fuse?Do you have a frozen drink machine, soft serve freezer or oven which runs on a standard 13 amp plug?

Has it suddenly stopped working for no reason?

The first thing to check on any machine which plugs into a regular power outlet is the fuse. Some machines can operate quite close to the maximum rating when the motors and compressor are running and under some circumstances this can spike the power enough to cause the fuse to blow.

How to Stop Your Frozen Machine from Blowing a Fuse?If the fuse does blow, always ensure that you replace it with at same rating which you remove; for example if it has a 5 amp fuse make sure you replace it with a new 5 amp fuse. Don’t be tempted to put a larger fuse in its place as this could potentially be dangerous. Conversely, don’t put a 5 amp fuse in place when a 13 amp fuse is required as this will just blow straight away and will be pointless.

Why Did My Fuse Blow on the Machine?

There are a few things to consider if the fuse blows…

Was the machine working excessively hard? If there is restricted airflow to the unit, this can cause the compressor to run for longer and could possibly go out on overload causing the fuse to blow. Make sure all equipment has sufficient airflow to cool itself down, vacuum out any dust which builds up on any vents.

Are you serving more product than the machine can cope with? Are you continually drawing off product from the machine an not giving it sufficient time to recover? This can sometimes cause the unit to overload and blow the fuse. Make sure that you don’t exceed the output of your machine, if the environment is warmer than usual, this can effect the output of soft serve freezers and frozen drinks machines.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your machine blows the fuse quite frequently, this would suggest that there is a more significant issue with your machine and you should get an engineer to visit to make sure that it is working correctly. Under correct operating conditions, the fuse should not blow.

Sometimes the simplest things can cause the biggest, avoidable, problems.

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