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_DSC0040_25Damaged (or missing) scraper blades are one of the most common operator related call outs on Taylor Crown Series soft serve machines. They are an important part for the efficient running of your soft serve machine, but most importantly, they are crucial for maintaining a high quality, consistent product. Below is a simple guide to scraper blades and how to check if yours need replacing.

Scraper blades cut the coldest, firmest product from the wall of the freezing cylinder. When the assembly is installed properly, the scraper blade is set to scrape the wall as it turns in a clockwise direction.

If the scraper blades are worn and not sharp, they do not shave the product close enough to the freezing cylinder wall. The layer of frozen product on the wall becomes thicker and thicker, causing an iced up evaporator, which interferes with the refrigeration system. The scraper blades will begin to catch and dig into the thick layer on the freezing cylinder wall, resulting in larger ice crystals being cut off into the product and the machine itself may ‘judder’ intermittently as the blades catch.

Worn scraper blades will also cause the following:

  • Long running refrigeration times which increases power consumption and puts unnecessary pressure on the compressor.
  • Broken down mix in the freezing barrel meaning you’ll start serving a product of inferior quality.
  • Inability to keep up with customer orders losing potential revenue.

Scraper blades and tune-up kits should be replaced at least every 3 months on a soft serve machine more often if in a high volume and 24 hour stores.

Check the scraper blades for any nicks or signs of wear:

Knife Style Blades

These scraper blades are used on pump style machines like the Taylor C706 & C708







Good Blade:




Worn Blade:








If any nicks are present, or if the blades are worn, replace both blades.

Shoe Style Blades

These style scraper blades are used on gravity style machines like the Taylor C707 & C709







When installing a beater frame with plastic shoe style blades, the frame should fit tightly into the cylinder. If the blades are worn, the beater assembly will move around loosely in the freezing cylinder. If the blades are good, the beater assembly’s movement will be restricted by the raised sides of the blade.

Good Blade:






Worn Blade:





If any nicks are present, or if the blades are worn, replace both blades.

If you need to replace your scraper blades or require any additional spare parts for your Taylor Soft Serve Machine, call the Taylor UK Customer Service & Support Centre on 0845 601 2312

  1. Elizabeth Anderson May 27, 2018 at 12:30 am

    Hi I have inherited a Taylor 150 soft serve ice cream machine, however the beater circular blades are damaged. Can these be replaced and at what cost

    • Taylor UK May 28, 2018 at 6:43 am

      Hello Elizabeth, If the metal blades of the beater have been damaged, this can potentially cause irreparable damage to the freezing barrel of the ice cream machine. Unfortunately the beater frames on the Taylor 150 are one complete unit and can only be replaced as a whole item. Please give the Taylor Customer Care Centre a call on 0845 601 2312 or drop them an email: and they will be able to provide you with all of the information which you need.

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